Add labels to scatter or bubble graphs in Excel

Scatter Chart without labels

This tip explains how to add labels to your scatter or bubble graphs. Bet you’ve always wanted to know how to do that……!

Scatter Chart without labels


Here’s how to add labels to scatter or bubble graphs with just a couple of clicks using a simple add-in tool:


1. Visit this site: 2. Click the link to download the XY Chart Labeller (in English…) 3. Click run when you get a pop up box and then follow the instructions to install 4. In Excel, build your graph by highlighting the numerical data (not including labels) and inserting a chart 5. Then go to the excel menu called Add ins and click on XY Chart Labels 6. Choose Add Chart Labels 7. In the second box, highlight the column of names you want shown (ignoring the column header) 8. In the third box choose where you want the label to be displayed in relation to the bubble / point 9. Click ok


If you get this right, your graph should now have labels by every point.