How to protect a workbook in Excel 2010

protect workbook in Excel 2010

This tip shows you how to protect Excel workbooks in Excel 2010.

You’ll often find your hard work gets undone by some idiot who comes in and amends your Excel spreadsheet. To prevent this you can apply protection to your workbook so only those who know a password can open or edit it.

To do this simply select File > Info.

Next, choose to “protect workbook” and a list of options appear. You’ll notice how you can

Mark a workbook as “Final”. This means that readers know you’ve completed your work and they can only access the file as read only. Editing is prohibited. Encrypt with password. We’ll show this in more detail below. This prompts user for a password that allows them to open the file as either read only or as normal. Protect current sheet. Rather than protect the whole workbook you may just want to lock down one particular worksheet. Protect workbook structure. This stops people adding worksheets or hiding worksheets. Restrict Permission by people. This grants people access whilst removing some abilities like printing or editing. Add a digital signature. This just gives people confirmation that the content hasn’t changed since the digital signature was added

We want to add a password so choose “Encrypt with password”. Next you’ll be prompted for a password. Write this down in notepad someone where safe, you wouldn’t want to forget it…


Protect workbooks in Excel 2010