What is Tableau?

Tableau allows people to bring data to life.  Bloggers, analysts, data enthusiasts can use Tableau to create flexible dashboards that allow them to use data to tell a story

So what is Tableau Public?

Tableau Public is a free solution for bloggers, researchers or anyone for that matter who has data they want to visualise.  As with all free services there are limitations such as the amount of data you can analyse (50mb or 100,00 rows) and the fact that all data is made public, but it remains a great way to learn how to visualise data in an informative way.  How is Tableau professional different from Tableau Public?  You can share Tableau creations in a packaged workbook which people view with a reader.  This way you don’t need to share potentially confidential data online with the rest of the world on Tableau’s public servers.

What do I need to start making great looking dashboards?

Just download Tableau to your desktop and you can start right away.  It will accept data in most formats like CSVs or Excel.  Once you’ve got your dashboard built you can then publish it to the web or embed it into your blog/website.  You can share your designs on Blogger, WordPress (.org not the .com variety) and Typepad.

Inspire me with some great uses of Tableau!

You can crunch twitter data using tableau with this tutorial here:

Tableau Twitter Data

Twitter data in Tableau

or see how premiership spending has changed over time here:

Premiership spend by season

Premiership spend by season

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