Many Eyes IBM | Demos | Tutorials

Many Eyes helps you share your data with others in a visual way.

Firstly, if you want to stat making a visualisation using IBM’s Many Eyes, you’ll have to remember the oddly named url –  Using Many Eyes you can make a range of different visuals.  Most people seem to like using it to show social media data and word clouds are a popular choice (I find word clouds to be particularly useless though from a data perspective as long words would seem to have more “data” than shorter words by default.)

You can look for inspiration and examples of Many Eye visuals here.  You  can also get several datasets that are freely available if you’re stuck for ideas on what to show and just want to practice.  Once you uplaod your data, it becomes public, so you may not want this as an option for sharing client confidential data.

The format data must be in is quite strict.  This makes Many Eyes IBM appear slightly difficult to use.  Just check out the list of dos and don’ts here.

Below is one of the better visuals I’ve seen.  I say better and I mean “not sure how I would make this using Tableau, Excel or Qlikview”.  If anyone can explain what it’s trying to show that would be appreciated.  So my overall point I guess is that I’m not too impressed with Many Eyes.  IBM have a very clunky website for it (ugly urls, ugly website) so I’m guessing they aren’t too bothered if it is a success or not.  Most of the visuals can be done quicker and better using Tableau Public or shouldn’t be done at all anyway (i.e. word clouds).