Connecting to Salesforce using Tableau Desktop

Problems connecting to Salesforce using Tableau Desktop?

This post isn’t a tutorial, it’s simply a way for me to share a few issues I’ve had connecting to Salesforce data using Tableau. It’s nice to know others are having the same problem as you sometimes!

Firstly, I’m a big user (and fan) of Tableau. For a client I work on they had plans to show live sales data using the built in Salesforce data connection. For some clients this worked really well, with incremental updates happening every 15 minutes showing ‘opportunities’ in the current hour. To do this I had been connecting to a ‘single table’ – the Opportunities feed.

Onto the problems

The issues I have relate to how long it takes to process Salesforce data using Tableau. I understand this may be a fault of Salesforce more so than Tableau, though I’m not sure either way.

Processing Data Tableau Salesforce

When you start the connection to a single table, you get a pop up showing ‘Processing Request’ and ‘Preparing Data’. You’ll also see ’0 rows retrieved so far’. Depending on the amount of data you have in Salesforce (I assume), you’ll see this message for many hours.

Some have suggested showing your log file to Tableau support (C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs) but I find that you simply need to be patient. Incremental refreshes will happen far quicker.

Usually, I found the log files showed “Getting data from server Status: Transferred 0 B Observers: 0″ every 10 minutes for several hours. The 0s looked concerning, as if no data was being processed, but eventually ‘something’ happens and the log files say something different and the process completes.

So, as I said, not a tutorial, but hopefully it will persuade others having the same issues to simply be patient the first time they connect to Salesforce using Tableau.

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