Track program usage using Google’s Universal Analytics

In my last post I mentioned how I’m tracking my team’s usage of Excel. It records the name of the user and the workbook every time an Excel file is opened and pushes this data to Google Analytics.

You can also use a similar method to track how often you use certain programs. Take Tableau 8, for instance. I use it a fair bit. I normally double click the icon on the desktop to open the software.

Tableau 8 Shortcut

Shortcut I would normally use to open Tableau 8

Instead though, if you make a .bat file you can have that file run two tasks. One to open Tableau 8, as desired. The second option though might be to use wget to push an event to Universal Analytics.

wget --post-data "v=1&tid=UA-123456-1&cid=5555&t=event&ec=Tableau&ea=My%%20Name&el=Opened%%20Tableau"
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau 8.0\bin"
start tableau.exe
Universal Analytics Example

Every time I use a certain shortcut, the event gets pushed to GA.

Please share below how else you might be using Universal Analytics.

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