Interactive Data Visualization for the Web | a d3.js book by Scott Murray

There’s been lots of blog posts in the last 18 months about d3.js and how to use this javascript library to make great data visualisations. Of these, the best in my opinion are those from Scott Murray and from March 2013 you’ll be able to get started with learning d3.js in full with his book Interactive Data Visualization for the Web.

The style of writing is light and friendly. Those who know a tiny bit already about how to make an HTML page and know of Javascript and CSS will be able to follow along easily as you start creating scatter charts and bar charts with d3.js.

The later chapters get you as far as learning about building transitions into your visuals.

This book is the best for those wanting to get started with learning d3.js and is even useful for those who’ve already dabbled in the library and made a few visuals. The book doesn’t cover all the visual layouts in great detail (like the treemap visuals for example) but hopefully they’ll be covered in a follow up book.

To get a sense of if this book is appropriate for you have a read of Scott’s d3 tutorials on his site

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