A look at Office 2013 on Windows 8

Microsoft are set to release their “most ambitious release of Office” according to CEO Steve Ballmer. Word, PowerPoint and Excel have all needed a redesign so they work well with the Metro interface on Windows 8 and touch screens.

The ribbon interface, first seen in 2007, is still there, though it’s more hidden this time around, sliding into view when touched or clicked. The interface remains clean and easy to use, with menus now slightly more spaced apart to allow users to navigate using their fingers.

With a web connection you can access your documents from anywhere on the go, as you can easily save your documents to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system.

Word will now feature a “live layout” tool, allowing you to drag and drop to format your document, whilst Excel users will be pleased to see a new feature called “Quick Analysis” (some features include allowing you to split text into different cells very easily). You can also make notes in documents using a stylus with a new feature called “inking”. This is great if you collaborate with colleagues over documents and want to record comments.


Microsoft have made suggestions that Office 2013 will work best on touchscreens. That’s great news for some, but not all. Office 2013 is designed for fingers, not a keyboard and mouse.

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