Football Players Salaries | Past 25 Years

The basic weekly wage of Footballers in England’s top 4 divisions since the mid 80s has climbed at an enourmous rate.

Some great data has come to light at SportingIntelliengce that shows the weekly wage of footballers climbing and compares against the UK average wage.  Whilst the data is sound and very interesting, it’s a shame to see a grim graph in the mix:

grim graph

Grim graph

The article has some great data and it’s important to remember not to damage your story’s credibility by using poor choices for visualising data.  Just what is going on in this chart?  It’s 3D (3D charts are bad) and the shadow just looks odd.  Whilst you can see that premier league wages have increased a lot, the chart is hard to read accurately.

So here’s how it should be shown using Tableau:

Premier League Wages

Premier League Wages

This quick ‘re-visual’ took just 5 or 6 minutes to make.  Don’t be afraid of showing your data without 3D or shadow effects – if your data is interesting (in this instance it is) then a simple chart that follows best practice charting rules is best.

Or you can ignore all this advice and make yet another misleading infographic, just what that the internet needs right now:

football wages infographic

football wages infographic

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